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  1. Tucker, then Hilliard. Is Trent Grisham available? He has a good eye so his BB rate/OBP should be solid, which is beneficial in most points leagues.
  2. JD Davis wins the NL Triple crown. Ramirez on the Indians wins the AL Triple Crown. Verlander's ERA is over 4.00.
  3. 1) Hill 2) Weaver 3) Keller (although i think he's close to weaver) 4) Yonny
  4. I grew up worshipping NFL football but haven't watched any regular season games since the early 90s. simply stated, there's too much "down time" and, frankly, very little action. Nearly 3.5 hours are required to complete a 60 minute game. I just find it too dull anymore....
  5. The best one I've seen so far this year is "Eaton Her Posey"
  6. For what it's worth: Baseball HQ (which, IMO, is the creme of the crop) conducted a study a few years back concerning performance in the first year of a "large" FA signing. Below is text from their 2020 Baseball Forecaster. (For those unfamiliar with Baseball HQ, "BPV" is an acronym for 'base performance value', which is a formula that combines a player's raw skills for contact/K rate, power, speed, and 'batting eye'.) Contract year performance (Tom Mullooly) There is a contention that players step up their game when they are playing for a contract. Research looked at cont
  7. agreed with all of this. I see no reason to select Goldy a few rounds earlier than Bell, at current ADPs.
  8. Buys: Meadows, Snell, Edwin Diaz, Thor, Keller, Chris Archer (based on current ADP no reason not to) Fades (based on current ADPs): Sale, Scherzer, JD Mart, Tatis, Judge, Alonso, Dolittle
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