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  1. Wait and see for several more games. I hv markannen and hes also not doing so good. But again only a few games in.
  2. back to 30 minutes, playing very well. should i pick him or wait for WCJ to bounce back hmm
  3. end of Q3. tech with multiple TOs. been 4 games in. maybe i had too high of an expectation in wanting him to burst after coming back.
  4. I'd accept since it's a keeper league. capela gone this year but hopefully will blast next year. plus u have additional spot to add players.
  5. PF - PJ Tucker C - Brook Lopez, Nerlens Noel, Aaron Baynes Wow you have v good players for an 18 team league. I've narrowed down from ur players that u can drop for a streamer spot. I'd drop: PJ tucker, Aaron Baynes, Noel if there are better players in the waiver or to make room for streaming. here's mine:
  6. Since seth is on a hot streak even though Luka and Porzingis are both healthy, I'd consider him over: Kendrick Nunn, Harry Giles. Elfrid Payton maybe as 2nd last game he only played 19 minutes, but last game he played almost 30. keep reading the news on payton. holmes is coming back, maybe would affect giles. giles had a bad game just now. here's mine: https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/802916-who-to-drop-points-league-whir/
  7. dedmon as capela will most likely not play again. recent rotoworld news mentioned capela will be restricted if he comes back. here's mine:
  8. milton will drop once embiid and simmons is back. he's currently on a hot streak as many of the players are out (J rich as well for concussion). ROS wise I'd prefer harris and lonzo. lonzo has been playing great as well. I think milton is on the upside atm and really afraid he'll drop in the next few weeks. here's mine:
  9. Hi there, wondering who you guys will drop or rank as bottom three out of the following players in points league: Bogdan Bogdanovic, Bojan Bogdanovic, Marquese Chriss, Will Barton, Davis Bertans, WCJ, Markannen. Need to drop someone should Embiid comes back next week. Thank you!
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