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  1. Just realized I forgot two important details: This is a contract and salary league. In addition, we have transitioned to NFBC style twice weekly lineups (with lineup changes allowed on Fridays).
  2. Had one owner just back out on us. Looking for a replacement to take a team as is. Typical buy in is $200, but it will be $100 for the new owner. 6x6 ROTO (HR/RBI/R/AVG/SB/BB and K/W/ERA/WHIP/S/H). It's a good league that's been around since 2013. Lots of trades and activity. A typical new owner benefit is the top of the minor league draft, but the minor league draft just finished. However, the new owner who gets added here will be placed at the top of the 2022 minor league draft. If you are interested, I can send you the league constitution and the team (it's a solid team and
  3. Two officially in now, one still considering. STill need at least 2 more
  4. I have one in, and two strongly considering, but still would need two more. Email me at john.wm.dalton@gmail.com for details
  5. Just bumping this up, have one guy considering but would still need 3 more
  6. Due to covid, our 9 year-old dynasty league on CBS has had some turnover and I need to find five new owners (I have already found 1, so just 4 remaining now). This is a Roto league 6x6 (HR/RBI/R/SB/BB/Avg and W/S/K/ERA/WHIP/HLD) with contracts and salaries. 23 active lineup spots (standard), 14 reserve spots, and a 10 man minor league. This is a contract and salary league, with a separate minor league draft each year, and players taken in the minor league draft have their contracts escalate at half the rate. New owners pick at the top of the minor league draft Lineups will lock twice week
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