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  1. i was planning on stashing him on IR. sucks for all the people that dropped him before news of the suspension arose.
  2. what a frustrating guy to own. only have him cos i missed my draft. i'm in a crucial spot trying to fight for the last playoff spot these last few weeks. idk why he even played in the all-star game if he was gonna end up being OUT 2 games after, should have spent the break resting and let another play (like hometown Zach LaVine) play instead.
  3. man i definitely regret drafting Kyrie, i should have known to stay away, definitely never drafting him again unless he falls deep. i'm just lucky i'm in a shallow league and tied for first and already locked for a play off spot so i picked up Steph Curry (!!!) a few weeks ago. i was looking forward to having a stacked team heading into playoffs after Curry returned (my top 3 PG would have been Curry, Kyrie & Simmons and i also have Rozier, Graham & Brogdon but i likely would have dropped one of them) but i just picked up Bojan Bogdanovic, who obviously isn't no Irving but considering
  4. i'm in a deep and competitive 20 team league. i'm 11th overall but thinking i should add Iguodala. who should i drop? my team is PG Elfrid Payton SG Kevin Huerter SF Rui Hachimura PF Kyle Kuzma C Brook Lopez U Myles Turner U Fred Vanvleet B Kevin Love B Glenn Robinson III B Rudy Gay IL Kemba Walker i'm thinking Robinson & Gay are my drop candidates... i have Kemba Walker on my Injured Reserve atm so eventually i'd have to drop one of those for him anyway, but which should i drop now to make room for Iggy?
  5. i'm not worried about minutes but mostly shots/assists possibly. but i know oladipo is coming back from injury so it might take a while for him to get going.
  6. i've tried doing a trade but nobody bit and with Embiid about to return my window of opportunity is about closed on that
  7. i currentl have Joel Embiid on my IR and with him about to return, really considering adding Curry now and stashing him in my IR who do i drop though? my league is shallow (only 8 teams) but 6 play off spots and im currently first overall my team is PG Ben Simmons SG Kyrie Irving G Khris Middleton SF DeMar Derozan PF Bam Adebayo F Andre Drummond C Domantis Sabonis U Malcolm Brogdon U Lou Williams B Terry Rozier B Devonte' Graham IR Joel Embiid i think it's a toss up between Brogdon, Lou Will, Rozier & Graham...
  8. really frustrating to own and considering dropping him.
  9. i wonder how his return will effect Brodgon's remaining season out look
  10. with all the trade rumors, as a Sixers fan in Philly i hope we get him.
  11. considering it was just a hand injury hopefully the amount of games he sat and rested will b good for his remaining season outlook
  12. i'd keep Zion we don't yet know just how good he could be.
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