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  1. Have been benching him the whole week to save my FG% 😁
  2. Winslow looks horrible. Like one of the worst players in NBA 💩
  3. Was a real steal at the start, but now kills me with all these injuries, rest games and quarantines...
  4. Streamed him for back-to-back and now can't afford to drop. I hope he'll not disappear again
  5. Looks like he'll be back after All-Star break...
  6. Brought him back right on time 👍 Take your time D'Lo
  7. Somebody kick their asses to change the schedule
  8. Worth rostering? I'm worried about his minutes. Biyombo overplayed him against Spurs
  9. Can't understand how he has become such a bad free throw shooter. He was stable 80+% until 2017/2018
  10. Without IL slot I don't see the sense to hold 8+8+1+1.5 for 4-6 weeks 😪
  11. Stream? lol He is better than all trash guards I've drafted this year: Rubio, Bledsoe, Payton, Rose...
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