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  1. Modestly turned into one of the best WW pickups
  2. Westbrick was close to that list but redeemed himself in the second half
  3. My top-15: Nurkic, Whiteside, Aldridge, Jackson Jr, Love, Griffin, Markkanen, Coby, Bledsoe, Morant, Drummond, Davis, Durant, Russell, Wiseman
  4. From punting wins must roster to punting wins streamer
  5. Traded to Kings 😞 I guess he's done for fantasy
  6. Misinformation ðŸ˜Ą He is available to play
  7. Sato is solid enough and I don't regret about him especially after bringing TJ back from WW 😆 (Dropped Martin Jr)
  8. Garbage after ASB. Thad is definitely better player than him
  9. Played big minutes again (with Wood and House back). I hope he'll get PF eligibility
  10. Yeah, I did it. Sad feeling like breaking up with a girlfriend 😊
  11. Don't know what to do with him - drop for Sato (looks like a replacement if he continues to start) or hold for a couple of games. Doesn't look good at this moment...
  12. Out two more weeks and I'll be very surprised if he returns in March 😑😊
  13. Tristan has got PF eligibility, this guy hasn't. It's so dumb ðŸ˜Ą
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