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  1. Thanks for the reply. Any reason why? I feel like Fox averages more, but Graham might have a higher ceiling. Powell is red hot but I figure that to go down a bit. But if he can put up around 30 fan points a night it might be worth it.
  2. I would post on the AC forum, but I can't right now. So please help out here if you can. I've been offered Fox and PJ Washington for Graham and Powell. Should I do it?
  3. ROS on Tucker with Houston going small ball the rest of the way? Does it boost his production reliably, or do we think he'll wear down/Houston will eventually be forced to go larger instead?
  4. Hmm. Wonder who will be the defacto point guard then. Or is it time to pick Culver back up again?
  5. You're right. I just looked at it again, and confused some of Buddy Hield's stocks for his. Still though, this is the right direction to be heading. I'm not going to doubt this game.
  6. Is he a natural fit on the team? Probably not. But I will take tonight's game as a flash. I mean he shot 45% tonight. 22/4/4 and a couple of stocks. If that's not a step in the right direction, I don't know what is folks. And for those bemoaning how they could have lost to the Blazers, need I remind you that the Blazers just came in and swept the floor with the Lakers in a game that they 100% had no business in losing? Come on, now.
  7. I doubt it's anything that keeps him out that long. Honestly, I'd expect the time table to remain the same. He returns right after All-Star Break.
  8. Thoughts on Horford's ROS with Embiid back? For context, I'm in a pretty standard points league.
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