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  1. Lol i could of had beal, irving or even PG as my 2nd pick. This guy is a mess!!!
  2. That 10-14days is the same timetable he had when he suffered the injury. It's been way past that now and still no update.
  3. Looks good so far given his teammates are looking for him. If he keeps that catch and shoot ROS he wont get injured lol.
  4. No way Whiteside taking minutes away unless Holmes is in foul trouble.
  5. He's doing pretty good running the 2nd unit but minutes should be in the mid 20s for yum production. Still a hold for me, i might drop bazley before him lol
  6. I took him in a 12team league. Given the minutes he will produce good numbers. He's very active too
  7. Sold I just picked him up after watching him 10mins.
  8. This guy, damn so proud I drafted him in 4th round. 👍👍👍👍
  9. I'm not greedy so I picked up Bagley 🤣 KD, Wall, Klay, Isaac and Irving are all in my waivers but those guys not likely to come back this season anyways.
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