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  1. Looking for a dynasty league. Like having a proboards option for communicating and roster moves. Looking for a bigger league. Big Blues team so if a league has a Blues team open if they have a gl for every league I’d be really interested.
  2. may have some interest in being on the list. I am in a similar league and looking to join another so let me know if a team opens up. Ty
  3. Took over a dynasty league team and have a few offers for Gavin Lux 1 Lux for Carlson, Victor Gonzalez, and Joe Ross/Will Kincanon 2.Lux for Nick Madrigal and Dylan Cease 3.Lux for Gary Sanchez 4. hold on to him These are some of the offers I have gotten. Have a favorite but wanting to get a perspective because I just took over this team and do not want to make an incorrect decision without others input. The roster I own is below. It is a 30 team dynasty. My roster jesus aguilar (1B) Ketel Marte (2B) Anthony Rendon (3B) Tatis (SS
  4. Any dynasty 30 team NBA leagues? open to taking over a team that needs a replacement owner. Experienced in baseball and wanting to find a good active basketball league. Contact me at chasetucker131@gmail.com
  5. Yeah pitching would be the weak part on the squad. pedro severino (c) jesus aguilar (1B) Ketel Marte (2B) Anthony Rendon (3B) Tatis (SS) mark canha (RF) Bader (CF) Matt Joyce (LF) Yordan Alvarez (Utility) SP Tyler Anderson Erick Fedde Josh Lindbolm Martin Perez Austin Voth Zach Wheeler Steven Matz bench Lux Luis Garcia (WAS) Derek Fisher greg Garcia tyrone Taylor 48 at bats didnt include bullpen or minors (not the strongest minor league. Pervious owner t
  6. Dylan Cease and Nick Madrigal for Gavin Lux dynasty 30 team league. I just took over a team an owner dropped. Have tatis, rendon as two of the plus player
  7. Yeah dynasty and just took over a team that the owner was no longer active. I can really maneuver the roster for either a position.
  8. I was wondering what everyone is thinking in terms of trade value between Gavin Lux vs Dylan Carlson. I have been researching and just want to get others thoughts so it’s not one sided. I’m a fan of one of the teams so looking for neutral thoughts. Thxs
  9. Interested email is chasetucker131@gmail.com. The fastbreak team is interesting
  10. interested. I am in one and looking for another. My email is chasetucker131@gmail.com. I am in a dynasty salary league that replicates the mlb almost perfectly. I am very active. Message me if there is still an open slot
  11. I am looking for a free nba dynasty league. The more members the better. Looking for realistic like salary cap etc. Contact me at chasetucker131@gmail.com
  12. I may be interested email is chasetucker131@gmail.com
  13. The trade is Dylan Carlson (STL) for Brendan McKay (TPR). I’d be getting McKay.Just wondering what some opinions are. The league just started
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