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  1. sigh...never catch a break...been having at least 2-3 injuries every week... playoff starts week 23, don't know if he is a hold or a drop...FML
  2. I picked up him yesterday hoping he would return today to play alongside Curry. However ended up sideline again today... I have week 23 to start our playoff, is this bum worth stashing or should switch to other FA like Cam Reddish, Dedmon?
  3. What’s up with this dude again? Bumped on the shoulder and then the injury tag is on? 😒😒
  4. What happened to him? I scooped him up and then he injured...was it serious?
  5. I feel like this is part of Raptors strategy to rest player. How can it be such a coincidence that each time they have somebody back in the lineup, they will always have someone else down and injured? going through this whole season, I rmb Lowry out first and then Siakam, and then once siakam back then it was FVV, and when FVV was back then was Powell, now Powell is back and FVV is out again lol. Let’s guess who will be out next when FVV gets back lol! The organization will always find a way to tag a injury for their players to get rest days. Good strategy in reality but sucks for us in
  6. Just realize even if he comes back, he will be on huge minutes restriction, and it will take weeks for him to ramp up and get back in shape. Ok and let's say he is fully healthy 3 weeks from now. Is he able to produce numbers from last year? that's another question. So I guess that's why people dropped him.
  7. Yesterday the quote said he will be out another week, and today he is a full participant at practice...now what😒
  8. Just dropped OPJ for him, hope that’s the right move!
  9. Good, hopefully he comes back this week. Otherwise I have more INJ than my fingers and I can’t afford to stash someone who doesn’t have a return date.
  10. Well. I am currently leading in my league (14 H2H) by a ton, and is also stashing Lauri and OPJ while having INJ lillard at the same time. Do you guys think is a wise choice to stash Holmes? Lol
  11. Just drop Nance for him, hope I won't regret this move
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