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  1. I am also a part of this league and can confirm. Guy emailed us 4 days before the season was to start ( after we had all been in communication throughout the spring) saying he was backing out as commissioner. Buyer beware.
  2. H2H points keeper. Who would you pick in part of a trade?
  3. My first year in a established 16 team H2H points league. Keep 5 I only have 3 keepers JD, Austin Meadows and Max. Alonso & K.Marte for my 1st rd (7) and 10th rd. strategy advice around trading 1st pick would be welcome as well feedback on the trade itself. thanks!
  4. Gallo seemed flukey last year. I think Manny will settle in this year and put up numbers.
  5. It sounds like you’ve done your research and you’re comfortable with your assumptions. Go for it!! JT it is!!!
  6. Seems to me Whit is on a downward trend. I would keep Bieber and Flaherty and dump Merrifield. Gotta keep Mondesi he’s worth the risk.
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