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  1. Probably both. It would be easy to buy him out too with him playing on a minimum deal.
  2. I originally traded Whiteside for Lowry 3 games into the season. Now I'm offering Theis for Whiteside to the same owner I stole from 😂 at this point there's no risk for me putting him in my IR
  3. A majority of those guys will be difficult to move thanks to their lengthy big money contracts. They also won't accept a buy out as that would be foolish on their part. Whiteside was playing for the minimum so it should be an easy buy out or via waive.
  4. Lakers are interested in obtaining Whiteside if has bought out.
  5. Not hating my Okoro stream so far. Maybe I've struck low key gold in my 14 team? Haha
  6. He's been sleeping in ample waiver wires but finally getting the deserved attention. I knew i low key struck gold when i grabbed him in my 14 team. Hes been playing essentially every position but C and rockets are going small and young. Even if they keep Dipo and those other vets they need to be rested every other game it seems so the minutes and production will be there.
  7. Guys are gonna have weeks where they don't shoot well from the field or at the line. They're not going to be robots and shoot their season averages perfectly every week lol.
  8. Can you imagine if the Cavs trolled us by going back on their Drummond trade attempt 😆
  9. Except Allen can make free throws! Upside is huge!
  10. Haha thanks man. Well it turns out the manager that received him dropped him right after 😂 and i just made another deal to free up a roster spot. Gonna try to get him back with my 9th waiver unless he falls off a cliff all of a sudden.
  11. Yeah you kind of have to search for that right team to take him on. None of the top teams would even listen until he came back and it was a 9th seed that originally offered this to me for Kevin Durant. But then i reoffered with Anthony Davis instead and he jumped on it.
  12. This is somehow the best game I've gotten from him when I received him in a deal on Jan 29th. I went through 5 straight duds and a foot injury and covid but finally some life
  13. I'm thinking top 40 floor with a top 20-30 upside the rest of the way? His efficiency is great. I don't know why people keep talking smack on his FT% when he's 74 on the season which is a lot better than guys like Gobert and Capela. 2 blocks doesn't seem out of the question. Double double for sure maybe like 15/11. He's playing for that contract too and nows the chance for him to shine.
  14. For anyone looking to trade AD I managed to package him and McDaniels for J.Allen/Beasley. Of course i mainly did this because of Allen's new found value. But not a bad return for a guy with a shaky ROS outlook.
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