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  1. Anyone else waiting to drop him after 5 mins When he gets injured again? 😂
  2. Wow we think alike i did the same thing. Only difference is I'm #4 haha
  3. I originally had this guy as my deep sleeper for this season. Lets not forget the Magic burned a mid 1st round pick on this guy knowing he would be out for the season. The opportunity is endless for him right now with 3 usage monsters gone.
  4. I hope so! If there's a hot free agent i want to be ready to pounce and NAW might be my most expendable player. It may also be DSJ though 😂
  5. Is he worth holding onto? I got bamboozled by my friend. I forgot to cancel my Tate offer for NAW and he accepted right after the deadline 😂
  6. That's like saying Avery Bradley is going to affect John Walls outlook 😂 trash comment.
  7. He'll take over Norman Powell's role. He would have been juicer with Lowry out of town but probably worth an add regardless.
  8. Hayes will probably be limited ROS. Saban Lee was barely playing already. I think DSJ is the winner imo. Not going to blow you away with top value since he has deficiencies in his game but worth rostering for sure
  9. My main argument for not dropping Delon yet if possible is if the Kings end up trading Buddy. Then I could see Delon surviving but this is a deathblow imo right now 😂 I grabbed DSJ but not loving the pick up as a steal or any thing.
  10. Ran and grabbed him in my 14 team league. Delon Wright and he'll be leading the ship pretty much.
  11. What's interesting about him is that he'll most likely get mins in blowouts and close games for his defense. I'm not really worried about KD since they'll prob have him with kid gloves on ROS and missing half his games when he's back lol.
  12. The last hurdle is KD really but i think at this point Claxton should have a relatively safe floor. Before i was worried about KD, Blake, Green, etc limiting his mins but he's really the only big that can play D and switch to a smaller defender. Plus KD and Blake will prob sit out half their games. Everyone is old except Claxton. Now if he gets unleashed past 30+mins per game prob not this year. You gotta love that upside though.
  13. Nah you'd be giving up a guaranteed top 75-100 guy for a guy that may potentially be in the same range and could fall off hard if Wall and Dipo are around.
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