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  1. Anything to see here? Understandable if everyone else is hopping on the Terence Davis train but this guy also seems legit. Definitely more so than Anfernee Simons.
  2. Don't think you missed out in a 10T setting tbh. Paschall is really meh
  3. Anyone looking at Slo-Mo in Memphis as starting SF after all the moves Memphis made?
  4. Damion Lee for immediate future, TBJ for higher upside if/when Wiz turns him loose.
  5. Only made one for myself and that's Looney. Wood, Malik, Juancho were all gone, and Harkless and Henson aren't very appealing. Joshy Lloyd said that James Johnson is worth a look if he starts over Juancho 🤷‍♀️
  6. Just watch Raptors legend and COTY Dwane Casey start and play Henson 30+ and the people who got Wood loses their minds 👀
  7. Iguodala alone will kill his value as he'll take minutes off the other rotation players, DJJ included.
  8. Personally took a flier on Kevon Looney as I think his minutes start to ramp up after ASB. He's part of their core after all and I doubt Chriss is really it for them.
  9. Anyone not doubting this guy anymore now that he's healthy while Spellman has been shipped out? He's worth a flier I think.
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