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  1. Are you still looking for an owner? I might be interested, but fantrax wouldn't let me see the rules page without paying league fees first.
  2. Is this a pay league? I could take on team 10, but it'll be a project. halm.brendan@gmail.com
  3. I've been playing in a 10 team (expanding to 12 this year) H2H categories league with friends for 12 years now. I love the league, but there are varying levels of interest and thus effort. We've set about creating keeper rules that are more favorable to the less effort teams and I'm getting a little bored of that. I'm not giving that league up, but I'm looking for one with more expansive keeper rules. Basically, I'd like to hold onto the kids that I find before they turn good; instead of them going back into the draft in a couple years. I prefer to play for money since it keeps people mot
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