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  1. Sorry man, I’ve talked to so many guys the last few weeks. Refresh my memory, what did I say?
  2. I might be interested, what’s the league settings & roster requirements? Also what platform does the league use? Email me adrianm80@rogers.com
  3. I’m also looking for for baseball league. 7yr veteran gm. I’ve only played ESPN leagues, but I’m open to try another platform.
  4. Can you email me bud, I’m interested adrianm80@rogers.com
  5. If any other teams open up let me know, I’m interested. adrianm80@rogers.com
  6. I might have a team available in my 12 man hockey league. One gm is getting the boot because he’s inactive. Email me adrianm80@rogers.com
  7. We currently need a replacement gm for 1 team in our ESPN Fantasy Baseball League. This league has been around since 2015, it’s a 4 man keeper league, standard head to head points. This league allows trading, and draft pick trading. Must have WhatsApp to communicate with rest of the league, and be able to etransfer or PayPal. We use the ESPN fantasy app. You will be choosing 4 players to keep, the rest of the players go back into the draft. Email me if interested, I can show you the available roster and the league setting and rules. adrianm80@rogers.com
  8. There is now 1 open team remaining. If you want it email me, so I can explain league setting and rules. adrianm80@rogers.com
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