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  1. Holmes is in a contract year. He's not gonna force himself and risk a major injury just to help Walton wins games
  2. Welp, I'll be rooting for Wizards to lose their remaining games badly.
  3. Whiteside is just that efficient in producing numbers given minutes. You have to pick him up at this point, also considering hamstring injury probably means a couple of weeks out at least (see Harden).
  4. I just hope this is just Brooks trying to ease Gafford into more minutes as he just recovered from that ankle injury.
  5. Ben Simmons for sure. No injuries and still have plenty of playing minutes, but production-wise declines significantly.
  6. Oof... All this talk about who's better is useless since it seems that the coach/FO don't seem to see a future with Bradley. Only 4 mins in the first half, with OKC going small ball for extended period when Moses is sitting down. That last game against Sixers was probably a present for him from the coach for a revenge game.
  7. TBF Morris just came back from a month long injury as well. Last year Morris add was a no brainer. But now they have Facu as well, so who knows. Barton is the obvious add if he's still available in a shallow league
  8. That was my bet with Maledon a couple of weeks ago and he ends up being just an inefficient chucker and TO machine. Hope you have better luck!
  9. This is what confuses me as well. OKC already locked Moses for a cheap multi-years contract. Now is the time to evaluate Bradley's ceiling, unless they've seen enough and not interested.
  10. Aside from the TOs, he looked good. Made some smart passes to get those assists. Also, he got a long garbage time minutes in Q4 when Sixers were leading big and pulled out all of their starters. I think what helped was SGA was not playing so he got some usage as a point forward to stats-pad.
  11. I don't get why he got less minutes than Tyler Cook. Yes it's a blowout, but isn't the purpose of resting Plumlee is to give Stewart more experience?
  12. How the f--- timelord allowed this malnourished kid to get 23 rebounds in that Celtics game?
  13. Looks like he's not that great of a talent anyway.
  14. Mediocre. 1.3 per game at NBA level and 1.9 per game at G-league level
  15. Drummond would want to showcase his talent for his next contract this summer. So I would think he would want to sign with a team that could give him solid minutes
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