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  1. I remember people saying it pretty loudly.
  2. Is he a transformer? A robot in disguise? I feel like he got the red light after he got caught stealing 3 times and just said screw it, I'll hit for power then. He is now tied for first on my team in homeruns with judge and meadows. Does he have a realistic shot at 30/30?
  3. Are we still looking at J.B. Bukauskas as the future closer this year for the DBacks or is he a safe drop at this point?
  4. Take a look at his game logs over the past 2 years. He has a blow up like this about once every other month on average. I wouldn't be worried.
  5. So what's the deal with this guy? How has he looked this spring training? Is he worth drafting?
  6. I like the 16 team playoff format. I think they should actually go even further. Make the 16 teams be determined by the winners of the last 3 game series of the season. The 16th team will be drawn from a hat.
  7. Didn't see one for him and thought I'd create a thread since he's starting on Wednesday against the Nationals. So how many strikeouts is he going to get with his 100+ mph fastball?
  8. 12 team 5x5 roto standard. We get to keep 5 with max 1400 ip. A lot of closers went earlier than i expected. Otherwise how did I do? C : Yasmani Grandal 1B : miguel sano 2B : cavan biggio 3b : Yoan Moncada ss : manny machado OF : Meadows, Judge, Bellinger Util : Nelson Cruz Util : Laureano Bench : Oscar Mercado, Brandow Lowe, Cesar Hernandez, Nick Madrigal SP : Flaherty, Giolito, Kluber, Julio Urias, McCullers, Robbie Ray, Garret Richards, Nate Pearson RP : Ken Giles, Dellin Betances, Aaron Bummer
  9. I would like to hear people's thoughts on my boy Austin. I have him in a keeper league and I want to know if he's a 5 cat stud or is he going to crush my dreams. Thanks.
  10. I don't know if it's a trend or not but over the past 2 seasons he's started out hot and then faded. During the 2018 season he hit .275 with 7 hr and an OPS of .866 and then promptly regressed to the mean. Much like 2019.
  11. We going to see this post in every thread involving the astros?
  12. I think Urias is a steal in the 15th round. I have high hopes for him.
  13. I like schwarber. I think he's always been a sabermetrics wet dream but, until recently it hasn't really shown through in an appreciable way. He's still relatively young (turns 27 this year) and has made significant progress over the past 3 years in all categories. I'm expecting him to continue with this progress and think he has more upside to him. Especially considering his price, his 2019 season was very comparable to Max Muncy, yet Muncy is going an average 50 picks before Scwharber. If he's still available in the 12th+ round, I'll be buying.
  14. I remember watching his highlights early last season. He was by far the most exciting player to watch all season long for me. Even though I like to win in fantasy, I'm also a fan and love owning players who are capable of being world beaters. Fun to watch and own.
  15. Do you think he reaches that potential? I don't have enough posts yet to make a new topic and don't see an outlook thread on him. Would love to know what people think of him.
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