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  1. What's that the best fantasy managers say? Oh, yeah. Past performance is not an indicator of future success. When he gets injured you can come in and gloat. Until then, go fly a kite.
  2. All SJB is saying is: Do you have eyes and have you seen what Buxton has done this season?
  3. You can count on him this year. Good luck to all.
  4. They can both be top 90-ish 9-cat value if they get 24 minutes each.
  5. This is a contrarian view, but Mike Gallup might have more opportunities than we think and maybe worth slotting in this week to see how it goes. He showed pretty good chemistry with Dalton in last week's game. All four of his targets and catches came after Dak was out of the game, including this beauty:
  6. I think people really like the lineup on that team. You get a consistent hitter like Hosmer on a great hitting offense and it makes sense.
  7. Rosenthal strikes out three to close out the game. What a season.
  8. Nice find, thanks. Man, that was an awful contract the Tigers signed.
  9. Higbee with his second catch - a 31 yard reception. Signs of life.
  10. Gordon plays his final inning as Matheny comes out to take him out. Nice recognition here. Matheny came out and I was like... is Singer getting replaced (I streamed him)... crap.
  11. Why did Detroit put Skubal in long relief and start Zimmerman? Weird.
  12. Way too early. He looks good, but he's in a three back committee, and Brown was getting the goal line touches.
  13. No Betts for me, no Acuna for opposition. Fair trade I guess.
  14. Acuna has really shown me a lot in the last month. I think I've turned on him and am ready to put him in my top 3 for next season as of today. The four for me are probably Tatis, Betts, Acuna (in some order), and then Soto. Soto is a great hitter, but the first three are surrounded by really strong lineups.
  15. No comment on the decision. It was notable that they brought him out again. I don't think I've seen someone go that high in a pitch count in a little while... maybe Scherzer did it in the playoffs last year.
  16. The final week is such a cruel week. I'm now trying to decide what to do with my last transaction thanks to tonight... pick up a closer (down by 1), pick up a hitter (Betts and Jiminez injured), or pick up a streaming starter (tied)... ugh.
  17. Tatis with a HR. Looks like the slump is over.
  18. Looks like Gray is getting the start tomorrow in preparation as a potential Game 3 pitcher.
  19. Betts taken out of the game after being hit by a pitch and scoring a run. Ouch.
  20. Wheeler at 118 pitches and they bring him out for the 7th. Civale, that was an awful performance. Started out the seasons so well too.
  21. Did Bauer lock up a Cy Young with de Grom's performance? Bauer, Darvish, de Grom.... de Grom takes the leads with K's today, but did some damage to his ERA and WHIP.
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