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  1. Have to go with Puk’s upside knowing you might not get a whole lot from him this year
  2. I have 4 keep forever players to choose from on a team that I am newly inheriting in a H2H league. I am keeping Juan Soto and Jose Ramirez for sure, but need to choose 2 more from the following: Syndergaard Clevibger Abreu Ozuna I’m leaning toward the pitchers, but both have injury concerns.
  3. I’d take him around ADP if I had a stud ace already on my squad. As mentioned, he’s still young and with some improvement (why not?) could well exceed his current value. I’m in on him this year
  4. I’m hoping to snag Freeman with the 14th pick in the draft so that Incan keep Flaherty at 6th round value
  5. Garver then Montas then Lamet in a distant third. Catcher position sucks to put it plainly so you’re getting one of the best available for dirt cheap. Montas in intriguing, but likely has innings restrictions (only thrown 100+ innings once and that was in 2015. Threw 96 innings last before before getting suspended). The upside play in Montas, but I’d play it safe with Garver.
  6. Thanks guys. I’ve been leaning toward Acuna (1) , Soto (3), Buehler (5) and Flaherty (6), but Bregman at second round value would be really nice too and Moncada at 17 is great value.
  7. 10 teams, 4 keepers, snake draft, I would have the 6th pick in the first round if I don’t keep a player with that value. Brand new league as of 2019 so all players are eligible to be kept for another 2 seasons. In the scenario where 2 players with the same draft round value are kept, one of the players bumps down to the next round (i.e. 6 > 7) Batting cats: Avg, R, H, HR, RBI, BB, SB, CS Pitching cats: W, QS, SV, BSV, HLD, CG, SHO, ERA, WHIP, K’s Player : Draft Round Value Acuna & Bregman (1) Freeman (2) Soto (3) Buehler (5) Flaherty & Strasburg (6) Eloy Jimenez & Nelson Cruz (9) Moncada (17) Carlos Santana (21) Fried, Soroka, Gallen, Josh Bell (last round)
  8. Who knows what Jo Adell will ultimately be, but Flaherty is worth keeping if he is a legit ace moving forward, especially if you’re light on pitching. I like Eloy as much as anyone else, but legit aces are few and far between.
  9. Bellinger, JDM, Mondesi, Boegarts, Suarez, Bauer Donaldson is an intriguing choice as well, but I’m a sucker for power pitchers
  10. Story is a stud, I would be very hesitant to make that trade, but if you do it’s not a clear cut victory for either side.
  11. I like Fried. If you really need the pitching, I’d make this trade
  12. Buehler, Hiura, Robert aaaaand Bieber. Bieber may not be betting you too much value with an 8th round tag, but if the baseball is going to be flying like it did last year then proven SP is a must.
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