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  1. BUMP Also, this team owns the rights to the following Top 100 Prospects Alec Bohm, Luis Roberts, Caze Mize, Dylan Cease
  2. Looking for one new owner for 1 team in our 10 year dynasty league, great group of guys, super competitive. We are on yahoo, H2H Cat, 7X7. This league is Free! This team does have the 1st overall selection in our prospect draft. So they did finish last place. We will start the prospect draft as soon as this spot/team gets filled. Team has players such as Jimenez, Contreras, T. Anderson, Fried, Kopech, E-Rod, deGrom. Although, will be looking at doing a contraction draft with 2 or 3 other new teams/owners that will be starting this league. Just to increase fairness and transparency.
  3. skybleacher posted about this team last night in a separate post and I messaged him last night. Waiting on response. Would love to join. jr76adam@hotmail.com
  4. Sent you a PM last night, please email jr76adam@hotmail.com
  5. Brand new league here you might be interested in. The Big Leagues:12 Teams12 Keepers (we can go dynasty if everyone wants)4 Round Prospect Draft (each year)12 max farm club spots (at least for now)H2H League 6x6 categories. And if we can all pick either an AL team or NL team for your fantasy team name that would be great.Keep it real, keep it simple. Pro Draft:Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020Time: 8:00 pm ESTProspect Draft:As soon as the league is full.Only players who have 0 games played can be drafted.
  6. Looking to see if there is any brand new yahoo or Fantrax leagues starting out there that are Free, H2H, with 12 to 16 teams in the league. Experienced manager here. All my fantasy baseball teams I have are 5-10 years old. Would love to do a fresh new league this year. thanks jr76adam@hotmail.com
  7. Hi, i'll take this team, sent the last 10 years on yahoo fantasy baseball exactly what I was looking for. feel free to ask me any questions. Please send me the invite, jr76adam@hotmail.com
  8. I'm interested Please email me the full team rosters that are available. And a link or copy of league rules. jr76adam@hotmail.com
  9. I would be interested in taking Team 2 jr76adam@hotmail.com
  10. I'm interested, sent you an email, from jr76adam@hotmail.com
  11. Daily active fantasy owner here. Looking to join any dynasty or keeper league, on yahoo or fantrax. Looking for a free league. with 12-20 teams. H2H stats. League can be brand new, or an existing league. And utilizes proboards if you doing things through yahoo. Please post or email me the team that needs a replacement owner with a link or an attachment of what your league rules are. Thanks, Jeff jr76adam@hotmail.com
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