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  1. I totally agree about it being dumb. Not a fan at all but I'm not the commish so I have to live with it since it passed league vote. How they're dong it is by 40 man roster. WAS hitters first then WAS pitchers then on to HOU and so on. If you have't filled your team by the end, you can grab whatever players weren't drafted. Yet again dumb. Big names are always over bid in this league. Acuna went for $65 last year. Cole went for $70. So I assume it will be the same this year. There are usually 6-10 owners who have about a 3rd of their money left to buy the best guys from the lower tier teams. Players like Mondesi, Arenado and so on this year. So I'm not sure how to apply that and still attack this new stupid format. Any suggestions?
  2. Our very deep league (24 teams) is switching the way we auction players. Instead of calling out random names, they are going by rosters from MLB teams based on 2019 standings. So WAS players first, HOU second and so on with BAL and DET the last 2 teams. Curious as to the thoughts on what would be the best way to attack this change in auction style? We only draft 10 Hitters and 7 Pitchers.
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