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  1. Down 1 in blocks and this guy rests when I need him most smh..
  2. Literally in the same position. Also had to drop Kemba as well 😞
  3. Also dropped due to needing the spot to stream extra games in a close playoff match. Such a shame to end the season this way
  4. I don’t want to drop the Lord out of fear someone else picks him up and he smites me out of retribution with 4+ stocks ...
  5. Also taking a chance on him. Had an extra streaming spot open with Boucher out for the season 😞
  6. 6 stocks oh my lord. Not to mention the 18 & 16 on 67% FG 🙌
  7. Plumlee confirmed out tomorrow vs Cavs. Do it!
  8. Dropped for Stewart, but Whiteside is another intriguing potential pick up. Knowing my luck Moses will drop a 15 15 game and I’ll come crawling back 😂
  9. 19 points in 9 minutes on 6/6 shooting. Regret not picking this guy up!
  10. Damn I’m keen to pick him up but I’m already at the 4 C limit with Ayton, WCJ, Poeltl and Moses... also unsure about Stewart’s minutes going forward will Plumlee back
  11. Beautiful efficiency. Let’s keep this momentum going into fantasy playoffs!
  12. To be fair, Booker only played 23 mins and CP3 26 mins 🤷🏻‍♂️
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