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  1. 1 K in his last 6 games.
  2. Has there been any update on his injury? Do we know the results of his MRI?
  3. That diamond and gold #13 chain he wears is dope.
  4. The hurdle is going to be if Coleman gets off to a hot start. Shanny is probably going to feed Coleman early on to see where his legs are - Hasty will gradually become more involved as the game progresses into the 2nd half. 12-14 touches, 75-90 yds. Coleman will probably get GL work, so a Hasty TD will need to come from 5+ yds out.
  5. His rushing prop is set at 55.5 on FD - seem low?
  6. With the news of Fant practicing in full, does he immediately become the clear option against KC?
  7. Yahoo Pro! League: Mark Andrews is on a Bye - I need a TE. I was targeting Gronk in FA, but someone burned a waiver on him. I have the following options: - Noah Fant (W) vs. KC - was dropped this waiver period. Will he play? - Darren Fells vs. GB - Akins is back this week - Eric Ebron @ TEN - meh - Austin Hooper @ CIN - target share % is going ^ - Tyler Higbee vs. CHI - meh
  8. Tommy La Stella traded - trying to figure out to where as nothing seems to be out there yet, but he is saying goodbye to teammates in the dugout.
  9. Have a couple parlays going: MIN/MIL U8.5 + OAK/LAA O9.5: +292 COL + LAD + HOU ML: +281
  10. CJ Cron just did something to his knee trying to field a routine ground ball hit straight at him.
  11. Something to consider, but I disagree with him not having access to video and data immediately. Even in the Covid-age, he should easily have access to clips of his AB's within the hour after that night's game ends. Like, his buddy doing it as a hobby for him could have that ready; it doesn't need to take some special employee of the Red Sox to put that all together for him.
  12. Singer me a love song, Bieber! There's a pun to be made with these two having starts coincide, not sure this is it though.
  13. Do we know the severity yet? It's not much to stomach a 10-day stint on the IL if it means he's back and mashing end of August/all of September.
  14. 🎵 Please-Zach, don't go breaking my heart now, baby🎵
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