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  1. Looking for a Roto lg, either on ESPN or Yahoo... Preferrably in the $50-100 range.. Email at Blake072709@gmail.com... TIA
  2. Ask Hugo to post a screenshot of him refunding me my money
  3. Well it’s a damn good thing you’re not a betting man because you would have lost the house on this wager.... still no refund
  4. Doesn’t change the fact that he did remove me from the league, but has yet to refund my money
  5. I have requested to be removed and money back... I was removed but no money back yet
  6. It’s not filling and it’s becoming concerning.... if you would kindly send my money back
  7. Very experienced owner, with 30 years in fantasy baseball including some prestigious leagues... I’m looking to get in a slow draft that begins ASAP.... Need something to fill up the time between now and when all the main drafts start.... email me if you know of any. Blake072709@gmail.com
  8. Why were other interests ignored and just sent to the most recent??
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