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  1. You're right. What I meant was they're a little dysfunctional mainly because Randle plays way out of control sometimes. If they settle him down and start making better plays they would look much more interesting. Its crazy the amount of times Burks is wide open and hes always signalling with his hands up like yo pass me the fn ball im wide open. Lol they never make that pass. Especially today when he was dangerous shooting 3s. Hes such a great Vet though. He doesnt get mad or acts upset after those sequences.
  2. He's a really smart player also. On D makes the right switches gets in passing lanes. Great anticipation. Patient with his shot on this terrible Knicks team lol
  3. He's solid. Ive hung on to him since Game 2. He looked great that game also. He's going to have a solid role on this team.
  4. 2 steals now. The rest of his line is nice as well considering its his first start against Star level talent. He made silly mistakes (slapping the ball to Mikal under the basket on defense when he should've rebounded it going up strong). He is active. The rest will fall into place. 3 more games should take us through this week. Lets go Tillman!!
  5. Im so high I couldnt find this damn thread without doing a "by titles" search. Is there any easier way? I was gonna say this dude needs more love. Hes an absolute gem. And im assuming most picked him up off waivers? He's putting up damn near 19 pts last 2 weeks
  6. Maybe they run DJ and KD at the 5? Sounds like something D'Antoni sold the management on??
  7. Idk about Matrix but his build reminds of K Mart. I see a lot of Brandon Roy in him for some reason.
  8. Goodness it is his knee apparently. Not returning tonight. All bad
  9. Lol lets be a little more optimistic. It seems like his ankle. I dint watch it live but judging from the clip he was able to place SOME weight on it. Ankle's probably carry a better prognosis than Knee. Lets wait for that report. He's a big man, I would assume he misses some time. Hopefully not too much time man. This sucks.
  10. If it was Knee I'd assume he would be wheeled off no? He got up and walked off. Ankle?
  11. Are u on the Plumlee bandwagon now? 😄 Killian Hayes not treating you too well?
  12. Btw, his only Turnover today was a made 3 that they declared was a foot on the line 3. His foot wasnt even touching the line. But they took away a 3 and gave him a TO.
  13. This kid out there pointing to his guys where the ball needs to be swung 🤣🤣 into his what? 7th game? He is incredible. His stocks potential is crazy I wish Luke would let him out there in garbage time..... But he's important enough that he's sitting!! Ding ding ding
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