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  1. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but let's remember what Eloy did down the stretch in August and September last season. The guy could have been finding his groove so to speak. In a perfect world I like Judge, but Eloy is a great return at this exact moment. And could even outshine Judge in the long-term.
  2. Gotta go Benintendi here. Manaea doesn't have electric stuff, but he should be solid moving forward provided the shoulder holds up. I like Benny Biceps here, though.
  3. Agreed. I feel like in 2019 Bichette stole his thunder. And rightfully so. I'm thinking after getting his feet wet, and good health provided, he could exceed those numbers, and easily. I've noticed a trend where he seems to be falling in lots of the mocks I'm doing. So I'm thinking there is value to be had at a discount here potentially...
  4. Most "experts" are predicting around 25 HR's and 85-90 RBI for Guerrero Jr. Anyone see him putting up bigger numbers than that this season? What are your projections?
  5. Who do you guys think will end up producing the most for fantasy owners in South Florida this season? My guess is probably Alcantara should he limit the walks? Villar perhaps? Berti as a late pick for the steals alone?
  6. Snell and Castillo. Gio was a fantastic wave wire pickup for me last year though.
  7. Indeed. But I'd like to think even with a small correction in numbers Tatis might cut down on the K's whereas we know Story is what he is. But it's all wishful thinking on my part. Tatis' minor league strikeout numbers aren't indicative of someone who wouldn't K a bunch at the top level, however.
  8. Strikeouts count against me in this league and I'd rather not have Story based on that. If I had a choice, of course. Arenado is another option for sure. But I kinda like the idea of getting the steals from Tatis right out of the gate. Plus, where will Arenado be traded to? His splits are reason for concern. Lindor is someone I would certainly go with, but the guy drafting above me at six has already said he's going that route. So that's out.
  9. Agreed. Its certainly a reach, and I know it. I'll probably go Soto. I have three weeks to figure it out. There's bound to be some regression from Tatis. But how much is the question? Good analogy with Correa. It's a fair comparison for certain.
  10. I have the seventh pick in my 14 team H2H Yahoo league. I'm really debating reaching and taking Tatis Jr. at that spot. While I know I'm overreaching, I really don't want Story or Cole. I'd rather have Soto more than those two. I know Tatis Jr. won't be there in the second when I make my pick, so I'm stuck. Does this guy end up having a world beating season? Or does he suffer a sophomore slump and ruin my year?
  11. If it's your belief that eliminating doubt is a huge key when drafting a fantasy team, the answer is obvious, it's Rendon.
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