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  1. I would be giving up Snell. A guy in my league has been low balling me a bit to get Snell. Was looking to counter for Valdez. Thought? H2H weekly points league year 1 of a 3 year keeper. Cheers
  2. 12 team H2H daily points league. Lamet comes off waivers on the 8th of June. sounds like they are going to be stretching him out to 90 pitches or so next start. I have 78 of my 100 FAB left. How much are you throwing at him. I was thinking 12. not enough? Cheers
  3. Yeah, I am leaning that direction, maybe Franco over Kelenic if Franco comes up earlier then I am expecting and proves himself. Lots of options at least.
  4. In a year 1 of 3 keeper daily points league. K. Lewis just got dropped in the league, I am wondering how much FAAB you throwing his direction. I am currently tied for first. If I was to get Lewis and keep him he would be kept at $5. My potential Keepers Betts $51 Lindor $41 Burns $18 Woodruff $21 Ohtani (batter) $5 Kelenic $5 W. Franco $5 Buxton $5 I can keep 5 keepers. Most likely will flip a couple from this list down the stretch to non competitive teams. Thanks for the help.
  5. Some really good points Richard. My intentions on holding on to these high end prospects is to flip a couple for the stretch and playoffs. I don't expect the group of Kelenic, Kopech and Franco to all make it as keepers for me. Luckly I have time on myside and they will force my hand down the road. Kopech is realistically an injury away from joining that rotation or for Cease to continue to struggle. With Kopech innings limit this season and next he might be a good option to flip if he indeed takes over a rotation spot. Thanks for the help Cheers
  6. Thanks Richard. I am currently tied for first place at 3-0. We can keep 5 keepers at the price they were drafted or at 5 dollars for all FA, which Kopech would fall under. My potential keepers are as follows. Betts at 51 Kelenic at 5 W. Franco at 5 Burns at 18 Woodruff at 22 Ohtani (batter) at 5 Buxton at 5 Lindor at 40. I dont see myself keeping Lindor or buxton but these are my most likely candidates. Appreciate the help
  7. I was thinking along the lines of 15ish not enough, to much?
  8. Kopech comes off waivers tonight. I have 86 FAAB left. How much are you spending? My league is a daily H2H points league and we are in year 1 of a 3 year KEEPER league. Thanks for the help. Cheers
  9. 12 team weekly points league. Urshela comes off waivers tomorrow. I have 88$ of my 100 FABB. How much should I offer up for him. Was thinking 11, not sure if that is to much or not enough. Thanks.
  10. How much FAAB to spend on Bohm, he just hit waivers. 100$ budget. 12 team points keeper league. I need some help on offence.
  11. Not both? I agree that Severino will be a better option. I can get both, just not sure if I should increase my bid on them.
  12. I currently have a 5 dollar bid on both of them. Not sure if I should go more then that or not.
  13. first year of a three year keeper league. 12 team H2H points. We do not have a NA spot on our roster. Is it worth stashing a Franco and have him eat up a bench spot or do you try to wait later in the year? We have 5 bench spots in the league. Thanks
  14. just drafted a couple days ago in a 12 team keeper league, we have 4 IL spots. Severino and Sale are FA. How much of 100$ FAAB budget would you put towards these two guys? Thanks
  15. I am working on trading a few guys. I think I might base my keepers off of who I can trade for. I hate to give up Lindor at that price, but same could be said about Alvarez. really wish I could keep 4.
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