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  1. Well since your yahoo link doesn't work, I'm trying to make determine who's on the team from the draft section of your forum. I'm seeing 7 pitchers through 10 rounds. Good luck with your search.
  2. It looks like whoever drafted for the Red Sox took 8 pitchers through the first 10 rounds? Am I seeing that correctly?
  3. I'll take team L if it's available. I just sent you an email. Thanks, Lee
  4. Depending on when you draft is, I'd be interested. I've always played NL only Roto, but I'd be interested in trying a H2H league that includes AL and NL. If you'd prefer an owner with H2H experience I understand. Lee
  5. So I saw on another post that this is a 9 team league. If that is correct I am interested!
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