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  1. Look up the posts between myself and brooklynfinest42 We're discussing starting our own if we can find something. Check out my last post for what I'd like the parameters to be and see if that's what your looking for.
  2. I would be too but I'm not sure we could find enough people in time. Although someone else just posted that he was looking for the same things we were... Jonahsn1982
  3. Anyone with a league check all or most of the boxes and looking for a new member?
  4. Can you send me a link to the leagues settings? wwood@hotmail.com
  5. Mr. G I’m currently in a 10 team league and size wise it seems just right. I would do maybe 8 or 12 at a push but 20 is too deep for me. Thanks.
  6. I’ve been in an ESPN league for a few years now and love it, I really live the ESPN app as well. But who knows. Can you send me a link to your league settings, etc?
  7. Anyone with a league that fits that bill and has an opening?
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