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  1. I 100% agree but this is big money on the line. So we're at least considering it
  2. This is crazy. To impact fantasy playoffs like this... My 12 team league is considering canceling our season and everyone getting refunds for the money they put in
  3. Dropped for Derrick White, with only 1 more game this week for Raptors, it was an easy decision.
  4. Simmons on my IR. and with first round of playoffs happening, I cant afford Ayton to pull this maneuver you're trying to speak into existence. LET AYTON PLAY DAMMIT! Stop this nonsense talk about hoping he will be out just so you can blah blah blah. we don't wanna hear it
  5. Created an account to personally tell you to shut the hell up Sincerely, A Ben Simmons GM
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