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  1. One more bump before I start considering a 9 team league
  2. Moncada, Devers, Lux, Mize are the highlights of the roster. Also has r.ray, g.marquez, r. Iglesias, r. Ozuna, and a few other relievers
  3. Dynasty league needs to replace one long time owner due to health issues. 10 team roto. Standard scoring with obp instead of avg. last years salary +3 each season. Squad is a little down, but a lot of players will be available. Drafting tonight if filled. Message me or email at sports_dude_84@yahoo.com if interested.
  4. Auction. Each year each keeper gets more expensive by $3.
  5. I’ve got a pretty good free league with one team in desperate need of a rebuild. Can keep up to 12, at +$3 from last years price. There’s a lot of incentive to draft them young. Potential for a good core with Devers, Moncada, Lux, Raisel, and R. Ray. 5x5 with opb. Free league, but we take it seriously. Please post any questions. No draft date set. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=809&seasonId=2020&teamId=6
  6. Looking for a 10-12 team deep keeper. My dad and I just had a league we were in fold. Prefer auction, but snake would be fine. Looking for a deeper league, 6+ keeps, roto. If anybody has a few spots let me know.
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