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  1. Then I have a team in a league for you. Fantasy football has changed, technology is everywhere. There is no excuse for anyone to not be active, ever. No excuse, you can even check your phone in the hospital and at funerals. Teams that have owners who dont check in daily are owners who have better things to do. I do not want any owner with a better thing to do then run a fantasy team. If you do not check in daily, you are terrible owner and you can call me a bad commish cuz I wont tolerate your laziness. They have leagues for the lazy, this is not that. I dont just take anyone
  2. Well, only because I had to point him out as being missing in someones Top 25 RB rankings. Aaron Jones. If he isnt in your Top 25, he may be undervalued. #2 RB last year in PPR.
  3. ...when you put together RB rankings and forget Aaron Jones.
  4. Just cuz you "addressed" it that way and are spinning it that way doesnt make your excuse so. He called the virus a hoax, the virus itself, not anything else....you can spin it how you want, but your spinning will not ever change the facts you are desperate to change.
  5. The whole point of one sides lust of the playing down of this, is to just say stuff without proof. Thats the playbook. Thats it. No matter how much proof those trying to save lives have that this is deadly, people will want to deny it for their own sociopathic selfish gluttony for power and need. See, Florida and Arizona Govs. Im gonna trust my life with a reality star and the sycophant Govs whose whole point is to get reelected over a doctor whose whole life work has been studying disease. Nah, hard pass...they are risking it for their own needs. This is literally capitalistic gree
  6. 🤣 Former MVP cant produce anymore cuz he wasnt good while playing with a broken foot. He was cut because of his fat salary and new coach. Amazing how we forget about 30 yo former MVP QBs because they were hurt. Even at his worst, he was still better then most the QBs int he NFL. He was a good QB before he got hurt, now? meh, done with him, he got hurt and will never recover. I thought we knew better then this by now on 2020. 2018 Russ Wilson - 23.9 ppg Cam Newton - 23.6 ppg Phil Rivers - 22.6 ppg Carson Wentz - 21.4 ppg Cam got hurt last year is s
  7. I mean, has Bill ever tipped his hand tot he media, even when its obvious? On to Cincinnati.
  8. Dalton and Winston signed for backup roles for very cheap? They know who is going to New England and its why they didnt sign as Hoyer is the backup for Cam already when he comes in. Bill need a MVP to come after an MVP. Stidham, Really guys? No. Im convinced Cam is healthy, he sat out an entire year, and says he is. Who knows better than him? Which anyone who was a Panthers fan which I am not, needed him to do to get healthy for the longest time, he said he was playing hurt. People who have seen the Patriots go to great lengths to win games think they are now gonna take an ego hit an
  9. I agree, why use their college ability to see how they can perform in the future?
  10. With all due respect, your explanation doesnt make it so. A guy with a ypc like that is gonna be used regardless of the off season line of rhetoric. The Gore role? lol A guy in the offense one year now has the template of every RB who must come after him.
  11. Moss lead the nation for ypc for qualified RBs with 13.9
  12. I have learned that some people think auto accidents and swimming pool deaths are as contagious as this virus. Can we get a fact check on how contagious auto accidents are?
  13. It would really stink if all the wheels fall off this year for Brady with the supporting cast he will have. I would love to see a 40 TD year out of him. Brady better for Arians hand to get OJ int he mix more. With the type of arm Brady has now, he is gonna need that athletic big man over the middle often.
  14. Numbers are statistical facts. I dont trust Bill and the Patriots, but its a fact they have 6 SBs. The fact we are the 3rd most visited country and people were still allowed to visit in January goes against your point and doesnt help you. It proves the response was beyond absurdly awful as Trump knew about this in January at the latest. Heck the public knew about it if you were following the news in December. So this rhetoric that we do not have the worst response flies in the face of all the facts that are already in the public sphere. Because of that, we will not have football for
  15. The world is consumed and this very game is consumed by an unprecedented pandemic. Any person who wants to face reality knows politics has played some role in that. I can kinda pick up on the world you live in, the one that called this virus a hoax for months while people died. I didnt come at anyone, I came at the situation. It appears you are coming at me and thats unfortunate, you even had to curse. Be Best. Im new to this site, and I want to post here, but it appears you cant have this convo in the appropriate way. So, I'll put it like this, If you disputed that Drew Brees had the mos
  16. Only thing with him, he didnt do much, but yes, he appears to have some upside.
  17. He did have the 2nd best yards per catch behind only eckler last year. Whats that say, I dont know, but maybe there is more there to him then meets the eye. He was RB9 in my PPR in 2018, it could be he was just used wrong.
  18. I have concerns they draft an even better RB in this deep pool at the draft. Early. I like Singletary, but they want to run and they need a bigger back.
  19. I get this premise. However, it cant really be disputed that this virus and the game of football have collided, yes? We are not having OTAs and mini-camps and the draft is in a never before seen situation, but we are not to talk about this topic or why we are here? This is where your reputation of relying on truth matters. That phrase keeping them honest meant something at one point. If we do not talk about this situation and keep it honest, we are not talking football as this game is impacted directly because of "political" decisions. I am open to uncomfortable discussio
  20. Im not really into the politics here on a football forum, but its being discuss and its almost undeniable we are going to have a delay in football because of the slow reaction and the current situation not getting better from our leaders. Since its being discussed and its cordial, his peeps Loeffler and Burr made trades, no? Trades that any other human on this planet would have been arrested for, no? They knew Another point is, there is no easier way for a President to make money touting a drug company he owns through a mutual process from the white house podium with millions watching. To
  21. Watson Lotion Backfield of Johnson and Johnson (plus Rookie?) Cooks, Fuller, Stills, Coutee and Cobb (plus Rookie?) Fells & Adkins themselves combined for 70/759/9 last year (For comparison the Falcons overall TE production with elite Hooper and backups Graham and Stocker 92/989/7) Lets get some perspective on another view, maybe you dont like it, but just another view.... I know the line is they lost Nuk, how can they make that up? Watson used his TEs a lot and his legs a lot, that seems unimpaired. Its not as glum as you hope for fantasy purposes. For
  22. If he can get the burst he had before he hurt his wrist, Im buying.
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