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  1. I would be in for this if we get enough people. When do we need everyone in the league? In the next 40 minutes? I think it has to be at least 30 minutes before the draft.
  2. Yahoo usually adds players to the player pool when they’re added to the 40-man roster. Anyone know if they’ll now do that when on 60-man?
  3. That can be defended. But having one of those players on the DL while the other isn't is inexcusable.
  4. I understand negotiating. It's the leaks that are the problem.
  5. Just shocking how 114 and 50 are the numbers leaked and they average at 82... which is what most reasonable people suggested all along. The constant leaks and BS slowing this down is even more maddening if they end up in the middle ground. It's as if both sides somehow thought it was their best interests to piss the other one (and fans) off for a while.
  6. So it seems Yahoo has arbitrarily decided what to do with Ohtani vs. following what MLB does for the IL. Swell.
  7. Does anyone know why Yahoo has Ohtani the pitcher on IL but not Ohtani the hitter?
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