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  1. George Kittle is on the rise, but I still see Travis Kelce as the #1 TE this upcoming NFL season.
  2. Huge offense in Dallas, strong leg, maybe not the most accurate kicker, but certainly not bad at all. Still should be the #1 Kicker in the league. I would still rather have Justin Tucker.
  3. If he can put up similar numbers as AB on the field he is going to be special. Just hope he doesn't end up getting compared to AB and his off the field antics.
  4. I agree, that the O-Line will either make it really easy for Joe Burrow or extremely difficult for him. If he doesn't have time to throw to all of these receiving weapons than what he has to offer will be mostly lost.
  5. I agree, but skill Joe Burrow has a lot to work with in the skill position area. It would be a lot better for Joe Burrow if they had a reliable TE. I suppose they will go with Drew Sample from Washington at TE out of the gate.
  6. He has the weapons at least at the skilled positions to succeed in AJ Green, Ty Boyd, Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard, and even Tee Higgins.
  7. Andy Dalton asked the Bengals for a release and the Bengals will be releasing him. Will the Patriots sign him?
  8. Both will put up really good numbers. The downside to Sutton is if Lock will be consistent. The downside to Gallup is there will be a ton of options for Dak to go to. I still think I'd slightly lean towards Gallup because Dak is the better QB and Dallas is going to put up a ton of points.
  9. I would go with Miles Sanders. Costing you a 14th pick and getting him for an extra year is huge.
  10. All I know is the Dallas offense is going to be off the hook. Now let's see how the defense can hold up.
  11. Great landing spot for Jeudy in Denver. What I want to see is how well will Lock develop in a full year with both Sutton, Jeudy and also Fant at TE. Lock also has a really good RB tandem to work with in Gordon and Lindsey. Jeudy could have a great rookie year if the QB continues to develop.
  12. I think this guy was a fantastic selection for the Raiders. He is like everyone else has said more than just a speedy deep threat. He is going to so help Derek Carr and the rest of the Raiders receiving corps.
  13. I still think he is going to rely heavily on the TE's and I even though I did not watch every Patriots game last season that a receiver never broke it open over a Defensive Back. I do hope he can get the ball deep to Evans and Godwin because they are huge deep threats.
  14. I agree with all that you said, but that doesn't address the fact that he couldn't get the ball deep down field even if a receiver was open. His arm strength is not the same as it was.
  15. I think that Swift comes out of the draft as the most talented RB of the class. Looking at what Kerryon Johnson has done in his NFL career although he is very talented he is certainly not a lock at the #1 RB slot in Detroit. He is just too much of an injury risk. So for that the situation for Swift is in a pretty solid situation. As for what the team does most of the time with Stafford throwing the ball all over the field that does not sit very well for Swift and his value and his situation. I still think the situation works out this way. The beginning of the season it will be a RBBC and then
  16. I do think the TE's especially Gronk will be great for Brady, but honestly I think Brady has lost his down the field deep ball throwing to receivers so although WR's like Evans and Godwin have extreme talent I am skeptical on how much Brady can really utilize them unless the Bucs coaches change the scheme up a bit with them.
  17. What really has Brown and Henderson shown the Rams in the short time they have been in the league? Henderson has shown not much at all and Brown has shown some short spurts of success last season. Akers is the new guy that brings fresh air to the Rams backfield and he will get every chance to succeed and be the #1RB for the Rams in my opinion. I mean his competition hasn't really lit it up in the past. So I think it really comes down to how Akers performs in pre-season or whatever that may be leading into this season for him to secure the job.
  18. The Miami Dolphins have improved in so many ways this past week and adding Matt Breida is one of the ways they improved. With both Jordan and Breida in the backfield it gives the Dolphins a good 1-2 punch and with a much improved O-Line they should be successful. I see the Dolphins being a much improved team this season. Don't know if they will jump into the playoffs, but they will improve on the 5-11 to a possible 8-8 record.
  19. With the Ravens only winning 2 Super Bowls I have to focus more on them achieving that goal than myself winning a Fantasy league. Cooper is the Cowboys #1WR and even if he leads by being vocal or is a silent leader, he still needs to lead by example on the field with production. I do think the more he is productive in the offense the more productive Gallup and Lamb will be.
  20. As a Ravens fan and a Fantasy Football player I am the total opposite than you when it comes to the teams success or Fantasy success. I'd much rather have the Ravens win sort of like they did most of the season last year with Lamar Jackson going crazy and even sometimes being pulled late in the game. I don't need a franchise player like Jackson getting injured in garbage time or even a player like Ingram, Andrews, or Brown that could ruin the remainder of the season for a few more fantasy points. It just isn't worth it too me. I also don't play in $$$ Fantasy leagues so that is also a factor a
  21. Perriman sure showed flashes last season, but the guy is not only an injury risk he is also not very reliable. He does have talent and like I said it was shown in flashes last season. If you want a WR who goes crazy one weak and then you get the idea you have a WR2 and then the next 2 or 3 weeks he is a dud Perriman is that player in my opinion. That isn't taking into consideration the injuries.
  22. After seeing the details of the contract on Winston this signing is absolutely brilliant. As for Kamara it is quite sad this the contract he is still stuck with and he is one of the top RB's in the league and his pay is sooo far below his value. The only thing I can say about that is he will get his pay day and he better get over value because of having to wait with the ridiculous salary he is making now. With a player like Taysom Hill guaranteed just a bit more than double of Kamara that just seems insane. I have nothing against Taysom Hill as a player, but he is no where near the talent of A
  23. I have got to predict that the Cowboys would have a better record than 8-8 they had in the 2019/20 season. I think the addition of CeeDee opens up a lot of possibilities for the WR's in Dallas. I of course would not wish a stroke on Jerry Jones or anyone.
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