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  1. Question is where will Julio land as the Patriots are in the top of the five teams there per NFL experts.
  2. Mother's Day 2021!

  3. Just hope over in the lack of not playing due to the pandemic and only being under center for one year paying full time in 2019 will not hurt him in the pros.
  4. Ready for April Showers and Easter!

  5. Really the guy is losing respect big time. And he could be suspended over on it and fined. Over in the allegations.
  6. Yeah as Broncos could also save money over for that of trading or releasing Miller.
  7. Quote


    Ready for March Madness There!

  8. Ready for February and SBLV!

  9. Rivers never got to a Super Bowl. But hope Stafford will get a team that is a winning team. Give him credit for standing by the Lions there despite having one or two seasons only when he was under center as winning seasons.
  10. The guy get only better and better each and every single season. Taking off the stress from that of Drew Brees.
  11. Ready for December!

  12. Yeah as really when Dak got hurt so did the play of Zeke!
  13. Art Monk has long retired but could still have played.
  14. Yeah as that seems to happen Urbank07 when you bench someone only for them to put up a score.
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