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  1. Do you own him? If so that's all that counts. Hope he does well for your team this season.
  2. @Boudewijn here is the link for you as well if you are interested in joining. Here´s the invite/league settings.......https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=48763080&inviteId=9ab5ad3c-3786-4623-b5bf-9515ff987c79
  3. I like Chark and think he is majorly talented. The problem is he going to get the TD’s? I am not sure about that.
  4. Even though I think CEH is going to be the top rookie RB this year, I think that is a pretty steep price to pay and would stand pat.
  5. I like your team and it is much improved especially in the depth of the RB position.
  6. If we get a full group from the site it will be extra fun.
  7. We now have the Tennessee Titans. Yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think it has to be random. Does ESPN have a randomizer?
  9. @PizzaBeerFFHere´s our link to join if you want in...https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=48763080&inviteId=9ab5ad3c-3786-4623-b5bf-9515ff987c79@PizzaBeerFF
  10. He has been really good with replying quickly, so look for it sometime tonight.
  11. Hunt scares me for Chubb. I would go with Drake.
  12. It is a brand new league so you will have a chance to build it yourself. I sent a message to Mr. G (Grant) who is the Commissioner and he should send you the invite sometime soon.Thanks, Jess
  13. I joined and I am not going to run away from it. I actually like the Free aspect because I am currently a college student and I don't have the $$$ to throw around for this sort of thing. I am still in it to win it though and for the fun of it.
  14. I like Darnold. I also like John Brown and Boyd if DJ doesn't work out at the Flex.
  15. Mark Ingram is still the #1 RB in the crowded backfield, but Lamar if the opportunity is there will still use his legs. That part of his game isn't going away. I also think the addition of Dobbins will eventually take a few carries away from Ingram. They didn't draft Dobbins for nothing. Regardless the Ravens are going to be a powerhouse backfield.
  16. Nuk is going to ball and still take these defensive Backs to school. Kylar Murray is of course no Deshaun Watson, but he is no slouch and still learning and Hopkins will make him better.
  17. Looking at the OP draft. Dak is not a guarantee week to week high scorer especially if he is handing the ball to Zeke. Then let's say that DK Metcalf and Slayton have off games and they aren't going to put up huge numbers each week anyway.Let's say Hill get's his each week. You also have George Kittle and let's say he gets his each week and the Ravens are definitely going to run the ball quite often leaving Andrews with games he don't get big time numbers as well. The RB's are also weak so you are looking at some L's during the the season with that lineup in my opinion. The Bills pick that ear
  18. I do like what I see in the rankings. Golladay though I see as a Monster in waiting. Sutton is also a guy that this could be the year that he goes completely Freak Show. Guys definitely to watch and on the move up I believe are McLaurin and Hollywood Brown.
  19. I like Robinson, but don't overlook Hollywood Brown.
  20. I will start with what is the best and that is Kittle at TE. At the QB position I think you are OK with Baker and Stafford, but nothing amazing. At RB, I do like the top two in Henry and Kamara, but David Johnson at the flex I just don't know. Honestly I would consider either John Brown or Tyler Boyd at the Flex until you see what DJ is going to do. The WR's are OK and Mike Evans is a Stud. You bench has some real possibilities and some good handcuffs.
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