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  1. Since Yahoo just opened up the 2021 NFL Fantasy Football season (way too early) I've decided to see if anyone is interested in joining a start-up league. Will be offense only.... don't like kickers or IDP in dynasty leagues. QBx1..... WRx3..... RBx2..... TEx1..... W/R/T x2..... Q/W/R/Tx1..... BNx10..... IRx5. Standard settings other than 0.5 PPR. 3 round rookie / free agent draft after the first year. Looking for active managers of course that will stick with it, and the rules will be set up to encourage being active all the way through the season/playoffs. Message me or leav
  2. I love fantasy basketball but the season is too long and I tend to get burned out before the playoffs start. So...... I'm setting up a 7 week league (plus playoffs) that will be short but intense because every week will be important. 8 team league, 4 team playoffs. Head to head with big rosters and lots of scoring categories. Draft will be Feb. 3rd at 8:30 CT. Looking for competitive managers to make this a fun league. Send me an email at mikel90@comcast.net if you're interested.
  3. I'm a very active manager and have a Diamond ranking in Yahoo Fantasy Football. I'm looking for a new startup Yahoo Dynasty league.... or to take over an existing team if it's not total trash. I don't mind a rebuild within limits. Let me know if you're looking for a manager to come in and fully participate in your league. thx
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