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  1. email is khmfantasy19@yahoo.com . still looking for a league to join!
  2. hey im interested in joining! send me a message or email me at khmfantasy19@yahoo.com thanks !! KHM
  3. Looking to join a very active dynasty league. not looking for a league that just sets rosters and no moves or trade offers are made. Also one that gives the weaker teams a chance at rebuilding every year and keeps the league competitive. ok with taking over a team but ok with a new dynasty as well. I prefer yahoo but may be interested in fantrax if the league settings are right. Im looking for a league with more than the average categories as well. Thanks ! KHM
  4. I may be interested. Send me the settings and rules as well as the rosters ! Thanks! khmfantasy19@yahoo.com
  5. Hey I'm looking for a dynasty league to join yahoo preferred but might be open to fantrax as well. Looking for more then the typical categories . Also open to points leagues ! Feel free to send me an email @ khmfantasy19@yahoo.com . Thanks!
  6. I am interested in taking a look at team two. Email is khmfantasy19@yahoo.com. thanks!
  7. Ya that roster is huge. I'd say just remove the forward slots . Other then that looks good to me send me an invite ! Thanks! khmfantasy19@yahoo.com
  8. I may be interested! Send me some more details when you got them thanks!
  9. Looking to join a head to head cat league that includes hits and blocks on Yahoo only please. Already in a league with standard cats and a points league looking to change it up a bit. If you have something like this available let me know thanks! Message me here or email me at khmfantasy19@yahoo.com
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