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  1. Hello Fantasy GMs We currently are looking to fill the following teams for our Sim League: Canucks (2 Pts from the Playoffs) Kings (in the Playoffs) Flames (8th in the Draft) Flyers (1st in the League) Ducks (in the Playoffs) Blues (Likely 1st in the Draft) Golden Knights (7th in the Draft) Devils (6th in the Draft) Capitals (last in the Wild Card) Rangers (In the Playoffs) Wild (in the Playoffs) Sabres (in the Playoffs) Most of the GMs left cause of time issues - We are heading into the Playoffs in a lil more than a week and after that we are starting Off
  2. Last 2 rounds of Prospect Draft taking place - still looking for GMs currently at 55 games roughly played
  3. Hi ThereWe are looking for a GM for the Rangers/Panthers/Dallas/Golden KnightsWe are about 43 games into the Regular Seasonhttps://atlantichockeyleague.mlProspect draft after 41 games of Regular Season based on reverse standings which is on Thursday Dec 17thgive me a shout if your interestedThanksNickCommish of the AHL
  4. I would be interested - shoot me an email wingnutsgm@yahoo.ca thanks Nick
  5. Regular Season starts on Sept 16th Looking for Canucks, Panthers, Sabres and Capitals Thanks
  6. Hi ThereWe are looking for a GM for the Islanders and CanadiensWe are just about to start Preseason and are in FA period after a Fantasy Draft the site is as followshttps://atlantichockeyleague.mlLooking to have a spec draft after 41 games of Regular Seasongive me a shout if your interestedThanksNickCommish of the AHL
  7. the following are the only teams open to fill -> Islanders, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Arizona, Minnesota
  8. HelloNew and Improved site - New and Improved LeagueFully automated sim at a certain time everyday - auto upload!!!!!Looking to start up a league 31 teams brand new start fantasy draft with SHL ratings and SalariesSite is all setup with current spects besides the 2020 draft and all players from the newest SHL ratings packhttps://atlantichockeyleague.mltake a look at Player Search and Goalie Search to see the playersRules are up also on the siteThis will be a farm and pro league with current spects dispersed at the 41 game mark in the first season as a draft ordered by standings at that markTak
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