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  1. Yeah no way straight up. He wants to know how much needs to be added for me to make the trade. I’m not sure if DK and TLaw is enough or not, for the same concerns you have about trading your 1.4 for him. I have Russ tho so the stack would be nice
  2. Guy wants my Mahomes for his TLaw ++ is Trev + DK Metcalf enough for Mahomes? How big is the gap? SF PPR Dynasty Appreciate any opinions
  3. Whose rankings do we trust most? Doing 9cat h2h slow draft 12tm. Got the 11 spot 😢
  4. Redraft. Need to pick up at least 1, 2 if I drop Lux How would you rank these guys ROS?
  5. 2 starts next week but he gets Colorado and SD. Worth the starts or shying away?
  6. Would you consider rolling him out if you didn’t have a cap? Im leaning it’s too risky
  7. Eaton, Cain, Pollock, Reynolds, Edman. Which 1 of these are you NOT starting? 5x5c h2h
  8. McNeil, Edman, Pollock, Cain, Mercado, Reynolds, Verdugo, McCutchen. which 4 would you start today? Normal 5x5 cat
  9. Normal 5x5 cat h2h. Which would you start? only room to start 1
  10. @HOOTIE Didnt realize guys got sent down for random reasons like this until doing some research. Appreciate it! Now it’s time to start drinking!
  11. @HOOTIE 1st time playing fantasy baseball. Dodgers just sent May down.. I should just stash him?
  12. @hockeyfan77 Both are owned but I’ll keep an eye out if they get dropped. Thanks! @The Big Bat Theory @Heretic Thanks for the clarifications
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