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  1. If a team signs Cam next year to be an “offensive weapon “, pseudo 2nd or 3rd string QB who can come in a touch the ball 6-8 times a game I think he can still be pretty effective.(ala Taysom Hill) He looked good running the ball this year. But his days of starting QB should definitely be over. His throwing was awful. I could see him as a good backup option in a run heavy offense like San Fran or Baltimore
  2. As a Jets fan I am absolutely disgusted we are now going to lose out on Trevor Lawrence. As a JRob owner in 2 keeper leagues, I am thrilled that he will now be playing in a legitimate offense, should really help his value in the next few years
  3. Penny is likely to return next week & compete with Hyde for backup RB snaps
  4. I’m hoping he can stay in the positive points range going into the 4th quarter then maybe he racks up some garbage time completions or rushing yards after NO Def let’s up a bit. It’s not like he will be benched for the backup, they literally have no one else. FYI the weather is good out here in Denver today, cold, but dry
  5. I’m starting him as my 2nd flex over Hooper or Reagor. I’ll be happy with 10 points. Anything above would be fantastic
  6. Limited practice because he’s carrying the Jags & our Fantasy teams on his shoulders all year. The man deserves a day off!
  7. Well if it’s 4 to heal then 2 to get back to game ready, that puts him back in fantasy lineups for week 15. I think I’ll hold
  8. Houston traded DHop who was causing much less drama than MT13 so anything is possible. Maybe for 2 2nd round picks?
  9. Very similar career trajectory To the other TE in NY- Herndon. Talented, athletic, very promising rookie year but has gone downhill since. They both could use a change of scenery
  10. Crowder has feasted against Buffalo the last 2 years. Tradavius White will probably stuck on Perriman most of the game. Definite start
  11. I’m not even sure who he was showboating to, there wasn’t any fans in the stands 🤷🏽‍♂️ Anyway still a very impressive outing for him & Hawks passing game
  12. I know Elway has a lot of clout in this town from his playing days but I think the fan base is already a little miffed at his QB choices since Manning. Oswiller & Paxton Lynch in the draft. Flacco & Keenum in FA. Plus a year of Siemien. I doubt they give a 2nd round pick his whole rookie contract (4 years) to prove himself capable. This offense is set up to be very good with above average QB play. Average or below average (like a 20th ranked qb or worse) and I think they look for an upgrade next year. For the record, I do think Lock has potential to be in the qb 12-16 range this year
  13. There were apparently a few teams that did not want Cam or Jameis as a backup to their young QB so they were not looking over their shoulder all year. Maybe Denver was one of them. Jets, Cleveland also? Some teams just don’t want the potential controversy after 1 bad game. Maybe Cam is never in Broncos plans, but I do think Lock has to show vast improvement this year to guarentee his starting job next summer
  14. I think this is a make or break year for Lock. If he falters, I see Elway going for a proven veteran next year (Cam, Winston, Dalton even). Can’t wait long for a young QB to figure it out when you have an aging Von Miller making 20 million a year
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