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  1. Thanks for the replies and the logic behind it. I haven’t done one of these so this is really helpful. Thanks!!
  2. Looking for some advice on how others might assign contracts to this roster. The league is 7x7 roto with 15 teams. We have the following contracts available: 1 - five year contract 3 - four year contracts 5 - three year contracts 6 - two year contracts Unlimited one year contracts 3 - farm contracts (Minor league eligible players - SIX year contracts) Batters: Carson Kelly-C-ARI Danny Santana-1B,OF-TEX Ketel Marte-2B,OF-ARI J.D. Davis-3B,OF-NYM Trevor Story-SS-COL
  3. Any value to keeping Sale for any amount of time in contract leagues? There were concerns before the surgery and now...idk...
  4. The annual, "This is the year for Wil Myers." At least he is coming pretty cheap?
  5. How many more years will Blackmon be solid fantasy player?
  6. Maybe that new changeup grip will solve all his problems?
  7. I think he could be a great value especially in the shortened season. I guess it depends on how he will be used overall.
  8. Voth looked pretty good during the initial spring training. Counting on him to take that 5th spot and pay dividends on the late round pick for him.
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