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  1. Got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com If u still.got.opening in nba league
  2. got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com if you still looking too fill the void
  3. entering 12th season and looks like I need a replacement manager , team is not the greatest but does own 2 first rd picks , one of which is 1st overall if interested email me at got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com and I'll get you an invite . Roster includes few pieces Nurkic , Kuzma and RJ Barrett but no real star power
  4. got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com if ya need an owner , though only have room for 1 team on my yahoo account thanks.
  5. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=70833775&inviteId=21284efe-a94d-418a-a8e4-35ec93aecdbe 2 spots left so decided to hit the forums , this is so experienced group so looking too add few strong GM's
  6. 13/16 spots filled Still need 3 ,mostly platinum level players
  7. anyone who may be interested send me an email at got2luv_tdot@hotmail.com Pretty standard settings nothing special here , 30 man rosters/ 16 teams , free too play but looking for players who wanna be here I've been playing along time and don't have patience for 1 and done members so be sure u wanna be engaged .
  8. looking too joing a start up or Orhan deep dynasty...not looking for money league though. ESPN or YAHOO platform. got2luv_tdot@hotmail Hit me up thanks
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