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  1. A simple google search would tell you the average nfl career lasts 3.3 years. I never said anything about the average qb age. Also, although there isn't a google search for it and it pains me to admit it... I'm probably older than your daddy.
  2. More gas lighting and cherry picking than political garbage on twitter as well.
  3. I want Fitzmagic, not Prince Harry.
  4. Not saying you're wrong here, but giving two 1sts and a 3rd seems counterproductive even in a mini re-build.
  5. zero experience vs an nfl D and no 2020 training camp due to Covid. Don't be shocked if he's their 3rd string starting the year, although I hope he impresses enough to be their back up.
  6. There is a lot of common sense here. Great post
  7. Eason isn't even guaranteed the back up job. Chris Ballard didn't build a solid, competitive team in a weak division to tank lol.
  8. Can i be the guy that predicts this is his last super bowl? or was that already done, like 6 super bowls ago?
  9. In a time where most careers don't last 10 years, he's suiting up for his tenth super bowl. Says it all really.
  10. I believe they stated that they had no interest in trading the player. At least that's what their GM said in his presser. I'd imagine if someone offers them what they feel is fair value, they'll deal him. Not sure why they need to rush moving their best asset.
  11. That's a lot to give up for a qb that you don't get the benefit of a rookie contract from. I wouldn't blame Miami if they stuck to the plan.
  12. I'd take all 3 of those guys over brisket. That is def a route they'd go before letting eason run with the job though.
  13. Eason bounced between two college programs and had no pro training camp. I'll be totally shocked if he gets the keys to a potential playoff team. I hope he eventually wins the job, common sense tells me that isn't this year...let him win the back up job first. If darnold was available for maybe a 3rd and conditional 4th, I'd be all over it. If they give up a first for him, I'll just cheer for tom brady and not the Colts next year.
  14. I guess considering we've never seen Eason throw an NFL pass and he's not even a lock to be their number 2, most of those guys are probably better options.
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