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  1. Deal is done. 2021 outlook for all offensive Cowboys is looking up. Check the ffp per game of the first 4 games vs the year end totals. That is the range of outcomes to plan for 2021 drafting. Guys like Zeke and Coop who probably have peaked should not be rated as close to their 4 game pace as guys like Dak, Darwin/Schulz, Lamb or Gallup. But I personally will still have Zeke comfortably in my top 10.
  2. I think my favorite buy low going into next year is David Njoku. The risk-reward is firmly weighted in the reward direction now. I don't know exactly where he ends up in free agency, but I don't think any location is going to push him up into the top 10 drafted. Paired with health and a QB that takes what is given over a gun slinger, he could push for a top 5 finish.
  3. If WFT is breaking in another young QB, I will worry about Gibson taking the next step. I did like what I saw from T.H., however, I think it was overblown in the one playoff game. Can he be the answer week in-week out after he is on film? I guess McKissic can be a thorn in the side if game script goes out the window early. I'm only singling negatives because I believe in Gibson's talent. To me he can be a top 10 fantasy RB. If WFT gets a good QB this off-season, I'm more likely to reach for Gibson.
  4. They need to free up money to resign Barrett or to find a pass rusher to replace him if he leaves. Godwin's tag would cost around 20M, which seems too rich at a luxury position where they already have big money on their books. They could have other holes like if L. David leaves too. IDK what they could get in the draft, but that pass rusher will be tough to find at 32. I think that takes priority over a WR.
  5. Drop Zeke down your lists on your own accord, don't let anyone interfere. Time stopped the moment Dak was lost. Everything since that moment is an outlier. If you rewind back to that moment, Zeke is a top 5 fantasy RB, was he #2? Cowboys aren't paying him 90 million to watch Pollard play. Pollard was a necessity due to circumstances, he will not threaten Zeke's workload. The big takeaway we can pull from the latter 2/3 of 2020 was the days of Zeke touching the ball 350 times a year are likely over. Pollard is a capable back and gives the offense a jolt. As durable as Zeke is, you would
  6. Let's be honest here, anyone who owned him in 2020 felt fortunate anytime he caught 5 balls in any given week. The TD production was the best thing he gave you, and even still you feared rolling him out there if you had an alternative wr with a good matchup. Only at the end of the season did I feel supremely confident, as I knew the impact of his 1000 yard record and Brady would not want to be the one who ended it for him. 2021 it looks like Brady is back. I don't see how Godwin can turn down the money that will be thrown at him, so I expect him to leave. No one wants AB more than
  7. I like what I saw from Jones in 2020. Guy has come a long ways. He looks better than 4net, runs with that high leg energy that reminds me of Ricky Waters. Shows pop I didn't think he had. The real question with him isn't if TB pairs him with a partner, it's whom do they get? The range goes from anyone on the roster (including 4net) through any ring chaser you could theoretically get for a 1 year vet minimum. February forcast: I think 2021 will see him improve on a per touch basis, yet he will see less work due to the impending FA signing. The RoJo truthers will have to wait for 2022
  8. The Cowboys were correct to use the tag last year, giving themselves a discount for one more year. Now it's time to pay the bills. Expect a deal to get done this year. It might even surpass Mahomes in yearly money. There are enough needs on defense, don't need to create a need at QB.
  9. Those saying to trade high - even during the season that wasn't likely due to him being undrafted and on a crappy team. As for next year, both are still true until more pieces are added. Lawrence is one person. His talent is good, but let's be honest, he ain't an overnight wins/losses fix. I don't see the Jags using a draft pick at a position thats not pressing this year. The Jags DO need to grab a FA RB to add to the stable. I don't see any FA signing being a serious threat to the bellcow role. Kenyan Drake & Todd Gurley (top available threats) aren't coming to a rebuild. I c
  10. At this point have to assume Dak is back in the saddle, along with the OC and virtually all the injured linemen. Coop did Coop things. Gallup took a backseat to CeeDee in touches and relevance, so I don't see a bounce back for him. Zeke appeared to have heavy legs for much of the year, but those first games with Dak was not a mirage. A TE we were not expecting emerged amidst the known 3 major wrs, and actually stole looks throughout the year. Defense was atrocious with and without Dak. It will be addressed this offseason. Even with the injuries thru 4 games, this offense was fantas
  11. Any way Atlanta can be the trade partner for Watson? ATL is ready to move past the Matt Ryan era. Have #4 pick this year, could part with another couple picks and Ryan.
  12. Edited to show how fast things can change. I get it that TE2020 is a crap shoot, but the return of Ertz has as good of a chance to hinder this better player in the same way. Yes, I'm an owner of both Fulgham and Goedert. I'm prepared for the worst.
  13. I think it's not exclusive to ESPN. Philadelphia subcribes to this notion too. They just did this very thing - have a guy step in to fill a role, play very, very well only to take a backseat to a former starter off injury who is more washed than Ertz. We've seen this story before. Makes no difference how well Goedert or Fulgham produced to the Eagles. I don't think Goedert is ironclad to be an autostart TE due to incompetent leaders of that team.
  14. I don’t think the list was best to worse, but rather in chronological order. E.D. would likely be in most people's top 5 of those listed 30. Marshall and Barry were terrific and it's hard to overlook what Saquan did too. Sayers' year would probably be my top pick.
  15. What was MUCH better than it is right now? Are you doubling down on your statement on the health of the O line? I'm not going to follow down the wormhole of O line importance vs QB. Arguments can be had and I'm not convicted to recant or defend either side. The reason for my post is to inform that this line (the version we've known from yesteryear) was never full this year, and to argue otherwise will be foolish. We've seen no fewer than 4LTs, 2LGs, 2C, 3RG, & 3RT this season. Some have gone and come back. Lately they were on the come with health again. I will stand b
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