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  1. Hey EVERYONE!! Join up. It's 20$ and you're not even taking over the worst team. Deep Deep league. what could be more fun than drafting your favorite prospects and being justified because of how deep the bench is??!!
  2. I'm in this league and I can't wait for the challenge of rebuilding. Join up. So much fun for 20$
  3. donnellyajd@me.com Shoot me an email if you have a spot Minors and majors draft at same time?
  4. Hi there, I'm interested. let me know league safe details. never used couchmanagers, so any info/advice on that would be nice. TIA Andrew
  5. Hi all you league managers. I'm looking for a keeper or dynasty H2H league to join. I'd prefer 25-40$ I'm even willing to take over a team that has already been drafted. ESPN, FANTRAX, or Yahoo please . TIA Andrew
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