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  1. Can't draft on 9/3 or 9/4- already have 3 drafts on both days Lon
  2. I would do 2 leagues with you and can pay ASAP. Timewise, Sunday Funday, No Guts No Glory, Weekend Warrior, Low Expectations, or League of Legends appear to have draft dates that work. Please send ESPN invites and leaguesafe invites and will pay. LONDOLL6@hotmail.com
  3. I have a new league on CBS that an owner has not paid. We are starting 8/9 with a slow draft on CBS. It is a S-Flex league of 14 teams with 12 keepers and a annual fee of $150. There are 12 starters and a 12 man bench. If anyone is interested email me at londoll6@hotmail.com
  4. QB,2-RB-2-WR,TE,K,DEF,2-RB/WR/TE 12-BENCHPPR keeper league looking for 2 owners. Will discount both teams $50 so only $100 this year. 16 team league. Payment thru leaguesafe and 100% payoffs less CBS and Orphan pool refill/ Major players Team 1 Mahomes, Henry, Conner, Slayton, Pascal, P Williams, Tate, Harry, Kelce- Team drafts 11th Team 2 Rodgers, Hurts, Roethlisberger, Da Johnson, Gurley, Freeman, M Thomas, J Jones, M Jones, Green, Ebron, Cook, Pittsburgh- Team drafts 4th 3 round rookie draft each year Keep all 22 man roster every year. If interested leave email or contact me at LondoLL6@hotmail.com
  5. I have a team needing an owner in a 14 team S-Flex league on CBS. The annual cost is $150, but will discount the team $75 so half off. Each team keeps 10 players each year and a 12 round redraft/rookie draft occurs annually. This team finished third last year and therefore has the 11th overall pick in the draft.. The team consists of: QB-Stafford, Newton, Winston, Stidham !B-Elliott, Gurley, Ingram, Burkhead WR-Allen, J Jones, M Jones, Beasley, AJ Green, Fitzgerald TE-Kelce, Rudolph Def-N England, Detroit K-Bailey. If interested please leave email or contact me at londoll6@hotmail.com
  6. I have a team available in a 14 team s-flex league on CBS. Each team keeps 10 and a extended slow draft of 12 rounds occur toward the end of August. Payment thru Leaguesafe. Team consists of: QB-Stafford, Newton,. Winston, Stidham RB- Elliott, Gurley, Ingram, Burkhead WR-K Allen, J Jones, M Jones, Beasley, AJ Green, Fitzgerald TE Kelce, Rudolph Defense- New England Detroit Draft position is 11th. League Fee is $150, Will discount the team $25 this year.. If interested email me at londoll6@hotmail.com or leave email.
  7. CBS Keeper league $150/Year. We keep 10 players of a 22 man (10 starters) roster in a S-flex league. This team drafts 3rd in the annual 12 round draft. Major players on team are: QB-Hill RB-McCaffrey, Chubb, Hunt, Ahmed, Hines, M Davis, Mattison WR-Godwin, D Samuel, Crowder, Beckham TE-Hurst Def-LA Chargers Keepers due by 8/14 and slow extended draft starts on 8/21. Payment thru leaguesafe and due by 7/10. Email me if interested. londoll6@hotmail.com
  8. Interested Hopefully you can this filled! londoll6@hotmail.com
  9. I checked junk folders and never received anything. Noticed spelling on email had hotmail with an extra H. I already have another draft starting at 8PM EST. It is a snake 1 minute a pick with 10 teams and only 24 rounds. So a good chance it will be done. If you still haven't got it filled. You may try to email it again. LONDOLL6@HOTMAIL.COM
  10. Still never received invite. LONDOLL6@HOTMAIL.COM
  11. Interested Please send invites. londoll6@hotmail.com
  12. Looks like league is full. Interested if there is room. londoll6@hotmail.com
  13. Is there a UT with 17 starters or 16 without a Utility? Settings differ.
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