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  1. I didn't even know it was physically possible for a wide receiver to have an average depth of target of 5.3 for almost a full season. I know the offense is weird but he makes Julian Edelman seem like DeSean Jackson.
  2. Not seeing Michael Carter from UNC on that list, don't sleep on him. Javonte Williams gets all the hype but Carter has led them in rushing the last 2 seasons and has shown a good ability to catch the ball. Great combination of speed/agility and power.
  3. Thankfully Covid doesn't spread through clapping.
  4. What a stud and a target hog, he's due for a HUGE game coming here soon. I mean just look at these stats from the WR16 on the week: 6 catches on 17 targets, 55 yards, 1 touchdown, 17.5 fantasy points Oh wait I read my notes wrong. Those are his stats over his last 4 games. What a stooge this season (big part due to Lamar).
  5. I think an exception can be made for those of us had Taysom Hill eligible to be their TE. My tight end position has been terrible all season so it was nice to finally see something out of Goedart.
  6. Jameis has always had the talent to be great, part of me thinks his interception problem was because he couldn't see. He had Lasik surgery in the offseason and one of his quotes was "I can read license plates, I can read street signs." If he couldn't see those things, odds are he had trouble seeing defenders.
  7. Late last week I traded Gallup to the Cooper owner for Tonyan. Not big on Tonyan but I was desperate for a TE (have Gesicki and Goedert). I was just going to drop Gallup for a streamer so it wasn't really giving up anything. The best guy on the waivers was Greg Olsen.
  8. My favorite part about fantasy is that any time it seems like any time things are coming together for your roster, something like this happens.
  9. It would be fitting if Fitz just stayed in Florida again. He was in Tampa from 2017-2018 and now Miami 2019 until now.
  10. Do y 'all really think a dude looking like this is going to make Chark better?
  11. Looking through the leaders at receiver somehow Moore is 12th in receiving yards and 19th in targets. Did not expect that to say the least.
  12. He asked to be released because they drafted his replacement. Zak Taylor also chose to bench him for 3 games last year for one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, Ryan Finley.
  13. Just wanted to say thank you for showing me these charts exist, never knew they were available on the NFL's website.
  14. Dalton's best season his weapons were AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Tyler Eifert, Jeremy Hill's corpse, and Gio Bernard. The weapons in Dallas are lightyears ahead of that. Dalton hasn't been good in a few years but I'd say he's worth a flyer to see what he does. I personally cannot wait for him to carry playoff teams in week 14 when he has his revenge game against the Bengals. 400 yards and 4 touchdowns coming in that one for him.
  15. That's what i mean, even though the Seelers have been great at developing receivers none of them were must starts their rookie season. They were borderline guys who you could start in a pinch but they weren't every week starters. I think that's more likely for Claypool ROS.
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