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  1. Ok so I’m not understanding why anybody would have Burrow over Herbert, Robinson or Even Jefferson.... 🤔🤔 it seems like Herbert would be a easy choice for that. I’m not even gonna entertain the fact TUA is even in the convo.....
  2. Same here. 💪🏾 He’s so explosive with the ball I’m ready to see what kinda numbers he could put up with 20+ touches consistently
  3. This week I’m going to have to , I don’t want to tho, thinking about trading one of them for Chris Godwin to the owner in my league that has the same dilemma with Godwin/ AB
  4. His role and usage on this team is one of the most confusing situations in the league to me. Every time I watch him he looks like he could be a Big difference maker , he looks like a future pro bowler type talent to me but they refuse to really use him like that
  5. This isn’t true. It’s been quite a few rookies who have started or Played key roles as rookies under McVay.
  6. I wonder how many people are gonna come on this thread and admit they were Wrong as hell bout dude .... cause this thread bout a month ago are night and day difference 😂😂
  7. I keep wanting to drop him only to go look at the TE options Left to pick up and........the pickings is slimmmm
  8. They should all 3 be able to Eat. U can’t really double any of them 3 and Conner and the run Game should make this one of the best offenses in the league Health permitting
  9. Yea and watching him he doesn’t look sorry out there or nothing like that. He running some short routes for one lol
  10. This is true.... his production fell off a cliff fast! I wonder if he’s playing injured this year or what ??? At least AJ Green , Ty Hilton etc are older players .. this Dude is like 25 lol
  11. I own him in about 5 leagues and 3 of them I picked him up Outta free agency. He might start as my WR3 on 1 of my teams. The other 4 he’s on my bench. I hope he Plays good and I like his potential but “Must Start” idk bout all that lol not on a Contending Team he’s not... his numbers definitly don’t justify that, he’s a MAYBE start or a wait and see. I’d be curious to see the rosters/ lineups of the teams that consider him a WR1 or a must Start 🤔
  12. I think He means WR3 Fantasy wise ... which is realistic
  13. They only threw the ball like 23 times lol. The case that Johnson got a lot of targets first 2 games is cool and all but he didn’t really do much with em so it doesn’t hold as much weight but Claypool has a lot more upside and can do more with less For sure.. as we have seen. And That’s not a knock on Johnson.
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