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  1. I'm keen if there's still space. krose@protonmail.com Thanks, Kevin
  2. I can take the 1st team and will sign up as the invite is sent. krose@protonmail.com Otherwise will take the second team. Thanks a mil, Kevin
  3. No issues, but when I asked to join I waited for ages for a response as well so I thought the same courtesy would be given to me with the time zones.
  4. Sorry, I'm in South Africa and was asleep. Tried to join now when I woke up and the link was gone. Was really keen to join.
  5. Sorry, just realised the time difference and draft would be 3am where I am at the moment.
  6. Hi, I'm keen to join but also can't see the settings. krose@protonmail.com Also, I'm based in South Africa so the draft would be at 3am. I could always set up an auto draft setting. Regards, Kevin
  7. Hi, I would be very keen to join but am based in South Africa. Any chance of moving the draft back two hours as I see it would 12 at night here? Otherwise I could set up auto draft? krose@protonmail.com Thanka, Kevin
  8. Hi, I'm keen to join up. I'm in your other league (The Hooligans Den). Thanks, Kevin
  9. Will go for the one picking 8th unless it isnt available, then can take the one picking 15th, Thanks. krose@protonmail.com Thanks, Kevin
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