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  1. This thread makes my head hurt. ... so I start Hill right? ... but maybe don’t start him? ... f*** it. I’m just dropping him
  2. Just asking myself the same thing. I think it’s both. The play calling hasn’t helped either. The need to get a little more creative with their runs. Again and again up the gut is not working
  3. You calling me delusional grimace? I’m a fan of the kid. Sue me.
  4. I actually don’t think he’s a bad start this week. Buf D has been pretty generous to RB and I think Pitt got a taste of what not having a strong run game will do to you against Wsh. Conner is fresh and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him used fairly heavily if he’s 100% recovered
  5. Yup so much for the move to KC being good for his career. He’ll be lucky to get signed anywhere next season with this kind of play. Should have taken the 2 year deal the dolphins were reportedly offering
  6. Hope so. I’m really thin at RB this week. I think in a COVID year if you so much as have the sniffles you don’t come to practice
  7. why ease him in? It’s not like he’s hurt. Couldn’t he even play this week?
  8. Exactly this. I don’t believe in karma but whenever I try to pull something like this I usually get burned by it. ... hasn’t stopped me from doing it though
  9. At this point my biggest worry with Koo is that he will be conscripted by the military to kick mortar shells behind enemy lines. Dude’s a machine
  10. I’d put him as a low end RB2 against a lacklustre raiders run D. Definitely startable this week
  11. Thinking the exact same thing. I just moved him to my flex spot but will likely bench him
  12. Tuesday game counts as this week but I think if you have reasonable options that play Sunday and no league substitution rules the smart play is to put in someone from a different game
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